• Flexible Magnet Roll & Sheet

    Rubber Magnet that adheres to iron surfaces. 24", 40", 48" wide rolls. Plain, adhesive and direct printable vinyl laminates available.

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  • Receptive

    Stainless iron vinyl that adheres to magnets (e.g. Flexible Magnet). 50", 54", 60” wide rolls. Chalkboard, dry-erase, and direct printable PET laminates available.

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  • ClingMag

    Silicone based cling that sticks to smooth surfaces.Direct printable, repositionable, washable and no residue. 50" wide rolls. Available in white, frosted & clear

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  • Magnetic Strip

    Plain, adhesive laminates and custom profiles available. For POP-displays, warehouse labeling, fridge door seal and more.

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  • Rare-Earth Magnet(Nd-Fe-B)

    NdFeB magnet is the strongest permanent magnet. Available in different grades, coating and a variety of shapes & sizes. Widely used in cars & medical devices.

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  • Finished Product

    Magnet bookmark, tin plate magnet, die cut magnet, epoxy magnet, magnet puzzles and more.

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